Looking to breed our male cat to continue his amazing legacy of love Pets

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Location: Reno
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Ardaas is an amazing kitty and we love him so much! He comes from a lineage of sweet and smart cats who are playful and nurturing. His Father is an outdoor cat with great mousing skills and his Mother was an angel to her kittens and very wise. Ardaas is very playful, cuddly, affectionate, and knows how to help his humans when we are anxious or sad. When he was born he played with his brother for many months on kitty play dates and he loved it, since he’s not fixed he would probably need to adjust to another cat. He was raised with a dog who he plays and gets along well with. He is good around kids and is trained to use the litter box and sit for his treats.
We are looking to mate our kitty because we want his sweet and unique lineage to carry forth! We might want a kitten later down the familial line but probably not right away.

Additional Details

Pet's Sex Male
Pet Age 2 - 3 Yrs
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