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I have a beautiful female Shih tzu that I would like to breed (probably only one time). She has a wonderful personality. She is friendly, out going, and very smart. She is AKC registered. I have multiple family members and friends that want one of her puppies. Everyone loves her so much. I would not be selling any puppies. I would keep any puppies that do not go to close family/friends and would make sure they are in a good home. She is white and brindle with beautiful black markings around her eyes. She will be 1 year in March. She has had one heat cycle. Everything I have read states that the second heat cycle is an appropriate time to breed. If you have additional information, I am open to hearing proper ways to breed.

Additional Details

Pet Age 2 - 3 Yrs
Pet Breed Shih Tzu
Pet's Sex Male


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