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Location: Brooklyn
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Hello, looking to breed my one and only dear cat (indoor cat). I'm looking to pass on my cat's soft fur, big beautiful eyes, and chubby face. As he grows older so do I and with that comes the reality that I will outlive him. Like Queen Elizabeth did with her corgi Susan I want to continue his memory in his descendants when his time comes.
Currently, he is quite energetic like he has always been so I wish to raise him alongside 2 of his kittens. I want to find someone who shares the same wishes as me. Reach out to introduce our cats if they don't get along I will back off and won't pressure you.
I will be honest he was a stray when he came to our family so I am unsure of what breeding he is but I will say this he has been healthy all these years. No surgeries, no asthma, no diabetes(from what his recent bloodwork showed). He did get his shots when he was adopted. If you need further confirmation I will take him to his current veterinarian to check him again and see if he needs any more shots.

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