Looking to mate a cavalier king charles spaniel named Charlie asap he's a great senior family dog and our family would like to mate him asap Pets

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Charlie is a sweet kind natured relaxed and loving family dog my uncle loves this dog so much he's been such a big part of his life and his children absolutely adore him and have gotten so use to having their best furry friend around and they are still so young and Charlie is much older now and he is starting to have some health issues and my uncle really wants to mate him so him and his family can forever have a part of Charlie with their family to be there with them forever he would really like to have a puppy from his best friend to grow up with his children he would like to do it asap and would pay 5k to have the opportunity to make that happen asap and get to keep one puppy out of the little for his family

Additional Details

Pet Age 10 - 11 Yrs
Pet Breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Pet's Sex Male


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