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Location: Indianapolis
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Name: Cinnamon
Sex: Male
• Age: one yr and five to six months (not exactly sure age) I’ve had him for a little over year and 2 months.
• Fixed: No (I don’t believe in this) He has 10 kittens, and was a very good father when he was with his kitten kids.
• Shots: No
• Good with kids: Yes
• Good with other cats: Yes
• Good with dogs: Yes
• Personally: Sweet and loving. Likes to hug and very affectionate. He will slightly bit to tell you if your petting him too roughly, mostly when you pet his belly area. Being gentle with him is the best thing to do. I think he was getting kicked where he was homed before, because he’s really scared of when people walk by him with shoes on. He may act scared at first, and need to warm up to you. He’s very active, likes to play (great to have plenty of toys for him to play with). He does mainly use a scratching post, very good with going directly to it when he needs to scratch something. He tells you when he needs water, by licking your water bottle and stuff like that. He will tell you when he needs food and other things, you will know eventually what he’s trying to tell you. He like his litter box to be cleaned often, he lets you know when it needs to be cleaned (the paw motion he uses to move the liter to pee or poop, is what he does to let you know).
- I do brush him ( he likes this) and I also cut his nails as well.
FYI: I do believe his breed is British Shorthair, this was not told to me when I got him.

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Choose your Cat's Breed British Shorthair
Pet's Sex Male
Pet Age 2 - 3 Yrs


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