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P     San Jose - 0mi
Save Male | Boston Terrier
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P     San Jose - 0mi
Save Male | Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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Save Female | German Shepherd
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Save Male | Bulldog
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Save Male | West Highland White Terrier
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Male Maltese poodle
P     Merced - 2.57mi
Save Male | Maltese
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P     Santa Clara - 3.45mi
Save Female | Labrador Retriever
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Save Female | Golden Retriever
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Snow Smoke
P     Williamsburg - 4.74mi
Save Male | Airedale Terrier
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Brindle boxer
P     Milpitas - 6.17mi
Save Male | Boxer
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Save Female | Tonkinese
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Save Male | German Shepherd
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Save Male | Labradoodle
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Frenchie Pug
P     Richmond - 14.8mi
Save Male | Pug
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Save Male | Goldendoodle
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Save Female | Labradoodle
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P     Redwood City - 21.24mi
Save Male | Others
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Looking for a mate
P     Cedar City - 23.35mi
Save Female | Bichon Frise

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