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Our cat Nub is the first cat we have ever owned and or worked with to have not been neutered.
Born in The Netherlands, migrated to Florida, USA.
He has such a unique character that I wanted offspring from him one day.
Not only is he a very handsome cat with unique fur pattern. He is grey with white mittens, a white bandana, and milk spot on his lips giving him a Charles Chaplin moustache/ bunny teeth look.
He is the most loveable cat I have ever seen. He is weird though, it is almost dog-like in how loyal he is of its owner.
His meow is weird, and makes the cutest sounds when you surprise him, touch him and when he jumps off things.
He is great with our other cat (scottish fold)
We contacted the farm we've got him from to ask if his character is similar to the parents or any other's in the nest. And to our surprise he is! Both behavior and sound!
Unfortunately the parents are no longer there.
Since we want another cat so bad.
We would love to find a way to make him a dad
Nub is our only chance to get anything close to him again.

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