1 year old Male Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Pit Pets

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Location: Houston
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Max is a 1 year old Male Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix Pit. He is 70 lbs all muscle and in perfect health with all shots and preventative meds up to date. Max is a very beautiful blonde/tan, white, partial black coloring and beautiful markings. He is very smart and sweet. He gets along with children, puppies, older dogs, cats and kittens. He has a very sociable demeanor and has never met anyone he didnt get along with. He is also very easy to train and learns quick. I'm trying to find someone with a female that max can have a litter with before I get him fixed. I just want to keep 1 Male puppy from the litter for myself.

Additional Details

Pet Age 2 - 3 Yrs
Pet Breed Mixed Breed
Pet's Sex Male


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